Recommendations from parents

John Roper`s patient and long term support first helped our elder son pass the entrance exam for St Albans Boys` School whilst, later, we moved our second son to his school at the time, further to benefit from the high standards which he shares with his colleagues, Ping and Helen Yip, Luton


HET quickly identified our two daughters` respective mild dyslexic characteristics which had not been formally noticed at school; and - apart from his own specific subject guidance - quickly pointed us beyond himself toward further specialist support, Mr and Mrs Sethuraman, St Albans


We were delighted with our son`s A stars in both GCSE English Language and Literature.  He wouldn`t have achieved this without your help, Mrs Karen Saunders, Harpenden


Without your encouragement and support, we have little doubt that our daughter would not have achieved her A grade in English Literature.  From Day One, you had and then held her respect and inspired through your love of literature, David and Jackie Fakes, Welwyn Garden City


John Roper gave vital support for Cameron`s A Star grade in English Literature, enabling him to complement his other A Level grades in his stronger non Arts subjects and secure his place at St Hugh`s College Oxford to read Business Management, Mrs Narissa Alexander, Luton